Common Ground Kalamazoo wants to help your community or school garden be a success. Our Garden Mentor program is designed to help community gardens—new or established—work through persistent challenges.

We can help with issues such as:

  • getting started
  • developing raised beds
  • varmint control issues
  • maximizing garden space
  • hooking up with garden resources

We can often direct you to resources with a quick email or phone call, or we could have a mentor visit your garden for a consultation. Contact us at or (269) 762-6191 if you are the manager of a community or school garden in need of mentor support.

Please note that Garden Mentors can provide advice but will not do any of the work or supply any materials. The Garden Mentor program is available to community and school gardens in Kalamazoo County.

Other Resources

MSU Extension icon MSU Extension offers a couple of great resources for all gardeners to use. You should try these resources for basic gardening questions.

  • Have a home gardening or lawn question? Call the MSU Extension lawn and garden hotline at 1-888-678-3464 or 269.384-8056 or email
  • Gardening in Michigan Website is an online resource with information for specific plants. The information includes planting and growing instructions, common pests, and lots of other valuable information. visit to access this excellent source of information.